Native - Sunscreen

Client: Native Cosmetics, a P&G Company
Product: Mineral Sunscreen
Agency: QuickFrame
Production Company: Particle NY
Project Date: Q1, 2021
Production Turnaround: Two Weeks
Intended Use: Digital

Native was expanding their portfolio with a new sunscreen and needed branded and UGC style video content as well as still images for digital use. Working with video agency QuickFrame, Particle | New York oversaw the scripting of the UGC content, casting, location sourcing and creative direction for the shoot in order to achieve the client's goals. Particle | New York also handled the initial post work, cataloging the assets, light editing, and light color correction of the assets before handing over the footage to the client.

Branded Video:

For branded video content we were tasked with capturing assets in a 16x9 aspect ratio that were also framed for 1x1 and 9x16 for use on various web and social media platforms.

End Cards:

As part of the branded video content, Native requested we shoot two separate end cards with all of their product SKUs. Both end cards had to be shot in 16x9 and work in 1x1 and 9x16 aspect ratios as well.

UV Video:

We were tasked with filming the talent in UV in order to capture the mineral sunscreen at work. In order to achieve this, we filmed the talent with a camera and lens system modified to only capture UV light side by side with a camera capturing only visible light. The images were then put side by side to show the results.

UGC Video:

    For digital ads and social media posts, we scripted and shot UGC testimonials with the talent in a 9x16 aspect ratio for mobile use. Content was shot on an iphone to give it an authentic feel.