Chefs Lab Masterclass


Chefs Lab


Production Company
Particle NY

Project Date
Q4, 2021


Creative, Production, Post-Production

Intended Use
Digital & Social

The Challenge: Restaurant supply platform, Choco, approached Particle NY to produce a couple of videos for their ongoing Chef’s Lab Series - a collection of master classes featuring chef’s and/or suppliers on their platform.

Concept: Our creative team was tasked with capturing two videos - Mastering Whole Wheat Flour and Mastering Buckwheat Flour. We developed a strategy to capture high-quality, engaging B-Roll to accompany the cooking demonstrations.

Production: Throughout a one-day on-location shoot, our team filmed the cooking demonstrations, while also identifying and capturing key creative B-Roll moments in line with the creative strategy.

Post-Production: Our in-house editorial team worked with Choco to provide editing, sound mixing, and light color correction. We identified areas to increase the quality of the Chef’s Lab series while ensuring all videos were in line with the existing videos. We created two main masterclass videos as well as web and social assets used to market the videos.

Final Spots
General Teaser (30sec)
Mastering Whole Wheat Flower (9min 38sec)
Mastering Buckwheat Flower - Teaser (55sec)
General Teaser - IG Reel (30sec)
Mastering Buckwheat Flower (5min 13sec)
Mastering Buckwheat Flower - Teaser - IG Reel (44sec)
Mastering Whole Wheat Flower - Teaser - IG Reel (44sec)
Mastering Whole Wheat Flower - Teaser (1 min)
DNG Photos (RAW)
Director Jared Douglas
Cinematographer Neeraj Jain
Photographer Harper Rose
Editor Jared Douglas