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Client: Orion Caroloto
Product: Film For Her
Agency: n/a
Production Company: Particle NY
Project Date: Q4, 2020
Intended Use: Digital

Brief:Poet Orion Carloto approached Particle NY to adapt a series of poems from her book ‘Film For Her’ to complement the book’s launch and make a memorable impact on potential readers. Featuring 6 poems from the book, the Film For Her campaign translates the dream like memory of a young woman’s coming-of-age into 6 short films.

Concept: Utilizing various artistic and cultural references from Portrait of a Lady on Fire to the work of Maria Abromovic, director Jared Douglas and cinematographer Neeraj Jain worked with Orion to craft visual treatments and scripts for the performance-focused, visually rich pieces.

Production: Our production team scouted historic locations from Chateau Marmot to the Kingsley House to provide iconic set pieces around which the narratives could unfold. Director Jared Douglas used his feature film background to cast dramatic, theatrical actors tailored to the needs of each short film. With a limited budget, our line producer worked in conjunction with our creative team and the client to ensure we maintained the highest possible quality while remaining within scope.

Post-Production: Our in-house editor and composer worked in conjunction to craft melodic edits that matched the tone and pacing of Orion’s voice-over. We brought in colorist Rob Sciarratta to give the final product a beautifully polished look.

Services: Consulting, Creative, Production, Post-Production

Final Films:
Madonna In Glory
Attic Tragedy

Director Jared Douglas
Cinematographer Neeraj Jain
Styled By Jacqueline Gonzales
Score & Music Editing Alan Balandra
Colorist Rob Sciarratta

Talent Orion Carloto
Talent Sydney McCarthy
Talent Hope Bello LaRoux
Talent Christian Gnecco Quintero