How Do You UNO?




Production Company
Particle NY

Project Date
Q4, 2022



Intended Use
Digital & Social

The Challenge: Ayzenberg Agency approached Particle NY seeking production services to support their in-house director and bring to life the How Do You Uno Campaign. Featuring five products across the Uno brand, How Do You Uno spotlights the multitude of ways to play Uno in a fun, memorable way.

Concept: Inspired by the 4 iconic colors of UNO, and the whimsical vibrancy of an indie theater production, each spot distills an UNO game down to one point of differentiation. Abstract, modular sets harness the playfulness of UNO. Each feature simple geometric shapes paired with bright yet simple props to paint just enough of a picture to establish where we are and spark the imaginations of our viewers.

Production: Five custom sets were hand built to provide an authentic indie-theater look. Utilizing our proprietary budgeting plaform, we managed costs to meet the client’s budgetary needs while providing a full, custom art build.

Over the course of a two day shoot, we hopped between two opposite sets, giving our art team time to interchange the set dressing and repaint the walls as we continued to film. G&E prerigged both sets to ensure minimal lighting changes throughout the shoot, and the camera rotated between sets. This allowed us to meet the demands of the schedule while providing the director, agency and client with enough time to perfect each spot.

Final Spots
All Wild (30sec, 15sec)
Party (30sec, 15sec)
Flex (30sec, 15sec)
Dos (30sec, 15sec)
Marvel (30sec, 15sec)
Director Alexa Darrin
Cinematographer Seannie Bryan
Executive Producer Jared Douglas
Agency Producer Tom Mishra
Production Designer Chloe Reisen
Wardrobe Jessica Harris
1st AD Francesca Bravos
Key Makeup Denise Bugarin
Key Hair Desiree Irving
1st Assistant Camera Meriel OConnell
2nd Assistant Camera Anna Tse
Gaffer Ezra Robinson
Best Boy Electric John Laverman
Key Grip Brad Powers
Best Boy Grip Nick Luna
Scenic Emily Ritz
Set Decorator KJ Lee
Key On-Set Dresser Michelle Cutler
Art PA Spencer Grossman
Wardrobe Assistant James Flemons
Key 2nd AD Emily Lavengood
Production Assistant Luke Powell
Production Assistant Spencer Jannett
Production Assistant Alondra Costilla
Talent Rachelle Ramsubhag
Talent Caleb Rodriguez
Talent Katerina Ol
Talent Justin Backus
Talent Christine Kennedy
Talent Sean Fredotti
Talent Erik Patten
Talent Carli Meacham
Talent Reid Mcconville
Talent Ava Hoffman